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Chickpea is the premier pulse crop of India, grown all over the country in Rabi season. It is a good source of essential amino acids and is the primary source of high quality protein for the largely vegetarian population of India. India is the major chick pea growing country of the world, accounting for almost 70 percent of the total world production.

Problems Faced By Farmers

Being primarily cultivated as a rainfed crop mainly by resource poor farmers , Chick Pea has to endure a variety of abiotic stresses across its life cycle. In addition to different abiotic stresses, a number of insects and diseases also inflicts damage to the crop greatly impacting its overall yield.

Pests Or Diseases
Problem Description And JU Solutions

Plant Health

The market value of gram is greatly influenced by  its quality and hence a steady and sufficient supply of all the essential nutrients is of critical importance. JU has in its product portfolio a wide range of nutrients and plant biostimulants which ensures  excellent plant health and greatly improves fruit quality and overall yield.

Gram Pod Borer

Scientific Name: Helicoverpa armigera
Young larvae feed on foliage initially; young chickpea plants may be completely destroyed; older larvae bore into seed pods and consume seeds; insect frass (feces) may be present outside the feeding holes

Tobacco Caterpillar

Scientific Name: Spodoptera litura
Singular, or closely grouped circular to irregularly shaped holes in foliage; heavy feeding by young larvae  leads to skeletonized leaves; larvae are dark green to brown caterpillars with banding patterns


Scientific Name:Agrotis ipsilon
Stems of young transplants or seedlings may be severed at soil line; if infection occurs later, irregular holes are eaten into the surface of fruits; larvae causing the damage are usually active at night and hide during the day in the soil at the base of the plants or in plant debris of toppled plant