Technical Name 12% Chelated Zinc
Mode of Action JU Zinc EDTA contains Zinc which is one of the essential plant nutrients and is a part of a host of vital plant physiological processes
Packs available 100 gm, 250 gm & 500 gm
Description JU Zinc EDTA is a micronutrient fertilizer which contains 12% Zinc in chelated form. Being available in chelated form, it is highly bio- available and hence is required to be used only in small quantity
Features & Benefits
  •  JU Zinc EDTA does not react with Phosphorus unlike other commonly available Zinc fertilizers and hence does not decrease Phosphorus uptake in   plants
  • JU Zinc EDTA gets translocated in plants easily because of its partially systemic nature
  • JU Zinc EDTA is absorbed by the plant very quickly and helps addressing the deficiency quickly 
Usage & Application rates
  • Foliar application @ 200-250 gm per acre
  • Basal application- 500 gm per acre
  • Drip irrigation- 500 gm per acre
  • Since Zinc is a essential plant nutrient, it can be used in all kind of crops