Welcome to career portal of JU Agri Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

We are pleased to have you in the career portal of JU Agri Sciences. We are dedicated to give best career opportunities to all our applicants . Your credentials and experience will be a great addition to our company and we hope we can achieve successful milestone's with your support.

We position our people as the most important asset. Our vision is to be reckoned with as a highly dynamic and key leader in the Crop Protection and Crop Health Management Industry and your contribution will be integral for us to achieve our objective. We hope you will find the work environment rewarding and challenging.

The management of the JU commits to the vision of the HR Management Philosophy and fostering an understanding of the Philosophy to all leaders of the company.

More than ever, the role of Human Resources is to make sure that the JU bases its development on the shared values of Trust, Excellence, Innovation, Integrity, and Independence.


Why Join Us?

Driving with purpose

Understanding the purpose in everything we do allows us to move forward in right direction and inspire motivation in the team. We train, prepare and engage our workforce with an eye on the future to enable us create a “Better Tomorrow”.


We at JU Agri Sciences are committed to provide equal opportunities and an inclusive work environment to all our employees regardless of their gender, religion, ethnicity, physical ability and sexual orientation. Our diversified ecosystem creates most trusted work environment for all our employees. We firmly believe that greater diversity enables any business to be more productive and socially viable.


We live in a world which is constantly changing. We enable and empower our teams to take decisions based on constantly evolving business landscape by regular training and knowledge enhancement. Our robust HR practices ensures that our workforce is always future ready and constantly evolving to utilize every opportunity that comes our way.

Robust Leadership

Our core leadership team comprises of individuals who are simply the best in what they do. Our leaders foster a culture where employees are inspired to be at their best every day and where excellence is but a norm. The synergy exhibited at the top by the leadership team ensures that the organisation is always much more than the sum of its individuals.