At the turn of 21st century, JU Agri Sciences was conceived as a key enabler in Indian farmers pursuit of enhancing farm productivity and to produce more with limited resources sustainably. In a journey of mere two decades, the company has emerged as one of the fastest growing organization in the Indian agricultural services sector. With its offices in all the major states of the country, the company has gained pan- India presence and caters to a network of more than 5500 trade partners and 25000 retailers. JU possesses a broad range of more than 100 products including Biological Fertilizers, Biological Pesticides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides and Bio- stimulants and has solution for all the major crops grown in the country like Paddy, Cotton, Wheat, Soybean, Pulses, Vegetables, Fruits etc. Read More...

Our History

JU Agri Sciences private Limited is a group company of Jhaver Group.
The story of Jhaver Group began more than 125 years back when Mr. Srikrishna Jhaver bought the Oakley Bowden company and founded the Jhaver Group in 1894. What followed after that is a story of remarkable vision, dedication and hard work which has turned the Jhaver Group into one of the largest industrial conglomerate of today.

Our Services

Crop Solution

We offer proven solutions for wide range of crops.


We offer complete basket of unique products based on latest technology for addressing every kind of crop challenge.


Sustainability at Ju

At JU, sustainability is so integral to us as an organization that we have woven it at the core of our corporate philosophy in the form of our tagline "Mitti Muskurayegi". Our corporate philosophy is designed in a way that it requires us to conduct our business activities based on the principles of transparency, uprightness and Read More..


We at JU Agri Sciences are the firm believer that corporate responsibility is integral to business success. We are strongly committed to the welfare of our farming community, trade partners, stakeholders, employees and thrive to make sure our economic growth is socially and environmentally sustainable. Read More..


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Our Partners

Collaboration is the key to lasting progress. We have partnered with globally renowned agricultural solution providers to bring the latest technology driven solutions at the doorsteps of Indian farming community.