Technical Name Atmospheric Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria
Mode of Action Azomax contains Azotobacter spp., which  converts the inert atmospheric nitrogen into plant usable form and fixes it into the soil
Packs available 10 gm
Description Azomax contains Azotobacter spp., an atmospheric nitrogen fixing bacteria which provides nitrogen to the  plant by fixing it from atmosphere.
Features & Benefits
  •  Azomax partially replaces Nitrogenous Fertilizers causing reduction in cost
  •  Azomax synthesize plant growth promoting hormones which improves plant health
  •  Azomax supplies Nitrogen to the plant throughout its life cycle
  •  Azomax improves soil health by increasing organic matter content of the soil
  •  Azomax increases yield, improves produce quality & hence enhances farmer income
Usage & Application rates
  • Azomax is to be used as seed coating @ 10 gm per acre seed quantity
  • Being a free living bacteria , Azomax can be used in all kind of crops