Get-Set: Revolutionizing Agriculture with Adjuvant Sprays for Enhanced Crop Protection


In the dynamic world of Agriculture, farmers are constantly seeking innovative solutions to maximize the effectiveness of agrochemicals and ensure optimal crop yields. One such groundbreaking achievement is the use of adjuvant sprays, and at the forefront of this agricultural revolution is our product, Get-Set. We will explore the numerous benefits of adjuvant sprays and delve into how Get-Set is transforming the way farmers approach crop protection.

The Power of Adjuvant Sprays

Adjuvant is a substance that is added to a pesticide product or spray mixture to enhance pesticide performance and/or the physical properties of the spray mixture. Adjuvant sprays play a pivotal role in improving the performance of agrochemicals and Get-Set stands out as a game-changer in this domain. Designed to enhance the physical properties of agrochemicals Get-Set ensures that farmers experience unparalleled efficiency and efficacy in their spray applications.


1.      Uniform and Quick Spreading: Get-Set is engineered to provide uniform and quick spreading of agrochemicals within mere seconds of spray. This rapid dispersal ensures that the entire crop receives the necessary protection promptly.

2.      Rain-Resistant Formulation: One of the standout features of Get Set is its ability to maintain spray effectiveness even in the face of unexpected rain. With Get-Set, farmers can rest assured that their crop protection investment remains intact, providing a robust defense against the uncertainties of weather.

3.      Enhanced Systemic and Translaminar Action: Get-Set goes beyond conventional adjuvant sprays by significantly enhancing the systemic and translaminar action of agrochemicals. This means that the active ingredients penetrate and move through the plant, offering thorough protection from pests and diseases.

4.      Better Deposition, Reduced Run-Off Losses: Farmers can rejoice in the knowledge that Get-Set facilitates better deposition of agrochemicals on the target surfaces. This not only improves the overall effectiveness of the spray but also prevents run-off losses, ensuring that every drop of the solution contributes to crop protection. 


Figure: Spray droplets without adjuvants (top left) and with added wetter adjuvant (top right). In the absence of adjuvants, spray droplets “pearl” and can be seen to sit on leaf hairs (bottom left) without contacting the leaf; with the addition of a superspreader, the spray drops spread and cover the entire surface of the leaf.


In the ever-evolving landscape of agriculture, the role of adjuvant sprays cannot be overstated. Get-Set with its unique formulation and remarkable features emerges as a frontrunner in empowering farmers to achieve superior crop protection. JU Agri Sciences ensures every spray counts, every drop matters, and every harvest thrives.