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Grape is one of the most important fruit world over which is grown in an area of 7.4 Million Hectares globally. Out of the total grape grown across the world, more than 55% is used for the purpose of making wine. Though Grape is grown across the world except in Africa, more than 50% of the total acreages falls under Spain, China, France, Italy and Turkey. Grape in India is grown for both export as well as domestic consumption. However, more than 90% of Indian grape is used for table purpose. India’s productivity at ~15 MT per hectare is much higher than the average global grape productivity (~10 MT per hectare). Grape cultivation remains one of the most lucrative and remunerative option for Indian farmers.

Problems Faced By Farmers

Like other premium fruit crops, fruit quality of grapes is as important as its quantity if not more. Any reduction in the fruit quality directly leads to the reduction in the market value of the produce and the entire purpose of growing the crop gets defeated. And hence, a grape grower not only has to ensure the prophylactic management of diseases but an effcient nutrition schedule also for optimal fruit quality

Pests Or Diseases
Problem Description And JU Solutions

Plant Health

The market value of grape is greatly influenced by its quality and hence  a steady and sufficient supply of all the  essential nutrients is of critical importance. JU has in its product portfolio a wide range of nutrients and plant biostimulants  which ensures excellent plant health and greatly improves fruit quality and overall yield.


Scientific Name: Scirtothrips dorsalis
Damage is caused both by nymphs and adults by rasping the lower surface of the leaf with their stylets and sucking the oozing cell sap.

Flea beetle

Scientific Name: Scelodonta strigicollis
The adult beetles scrap the sprouting buds after each pruning. Damaged buds fail to sprout . The beetles also feed on tender shoots and leaves, and tendrils causing substantial damage.The tender shoots may wither and drop down. The losses are heavy when the sprouting buds are damaged after forward pruning.

Downy Mildew

Causal organism: Plasmopara viticola
Downy mildew is an extremely serious fungal disease of grapes that can result in severe crop loss .

Powdery Mildew

Causal organism: Uncinula necator
Powdery mildew can infect all green tissues of the grapevine .