Technical Name Fenoxapro-P-Ethyl 9.3% EC
Mode of Action Inhibition of acetyl CoA carboxylase
Packs available 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml & 1 L
Description Win Super is a selective post-emergent systemic herbicide used for the control of Grassy weeds in Soybean, Paddy, Cotton, Black Gram and Onion
Features & Benefits
  • Win Super can be used in a broad range of crops 
  • Win Super provides flexibility of usage as it can control weeds from 2 leaf stage to mid- tillering stage 
  • Win Super is safe to succeeding crops at recommended dosage 
  • Win Super provides control of broad range of grassy weeds
Crops Target Pests Dose per acre

Echinochloa colonum Echinochloa crusagalli Digitaria spp. Eleusine indica Setaria spp. Bracharia spp.

440 ml

Echinochloa colonum Echinochloa crusagalli

250 ml

Echinochloa spp. Eleusine indica Dactyloctenium aegyptium Eragrostis minor

300 ml
Black Gram

Echinochloa crusagalli Echinochloa colona Digitaria sp. Dactyloctenium aegyptium

250- 300 ml