Technical Name Thifluzamide 24% SC
Mode of Action Systemic and Metabolic Action
Packs available 1 Lt, 500 ml, 150 ml, 75 ml
Description Majority - the innovative fungicide that provides excellent crop protection against a range of fungal diseases.Majority's advanced composition ensures deep penetration into plant tissues, providing long-lasting protection against fungal infections. Its potent formula is designed to work quickly and effectively to combat sheathe blights and other damaging fungal diseases.
Features & Benefits

1. Highly effective fungicide for a range of crop diseases.Targets blights other fungal infections.

2. Superior resistance to wash-off for long-lasting protection.

3. Promotes healthy crop growth and high-quality harvests with good Phyto-tonic effect.

4. Can be easily combined with various other insecticides and fungicides.

Environmentally friendly fungicide.

Crops Target Pests Dose per acre

Sheath blight

150 ml

Early Blight

150 ml