Technical Name Quizalofop Ethyl 5% EC
Mode of Action

JU-Quiz inhibits the synthesis of fatty acids in the target plants, leading to their growth inhibition and eventual death. When applied to the target plants, JU-Quiz is absorbed through the foliage and trans locates within the plant.

It is rapidly absorbed by the existing weeds, so even if it rains an hour after spraying, its efficacy remains unaffected. Following JU-Quiz application, weed leaves lose their luster within 5-7 days and are entirely eradicated within 10-15 days.

Packs available 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L
Description JU-Quiz is classified as a systemic and selective herbicide belonging to the Aryloxyphenoxy-propionates group. It proves highly efficient in managing narrow leaf weeds which appears in the plantation of broad leaf crops. Its selectivity allows it to specifically target and control grassy weeds, while ensuring the safety of broad leaf crops.
Features & Benefits
  • Trusted technical with proven performance
  • Highly effective against all major narrow-leaf weeds in broad-leaf crops.
  • Quickly absorbed by the plants.
  • Avoid usage in crops other than the recommended ones.
Crops Target Pests Dose per acre

Echinochloa crus-galli, Echinochloa colona, Eragrostis sp. 

300-400 ml (For Annual Weeds)

Echinochloa crus-galli, Echinochloa colona, Dinebra retroflexa, Digitaria marginata 

300-400 ml (For Annual Weeds)

Echinochloa colonum, Dinebra retroflexa, Dactyloctenium sp. 

300-400 ml (For Annual Weeds)
Black Gram

Eleusine indica, Dactyloctenium aegyptium, Digitaria sanguinalis, Eragrostis sp., Paspalidium sp., Echinochloa sp., Dinebra retroflexa

300-400 ml (For Annual Weeds)

Digitaria sp., Eleusine indicia, Dactyloctenium aegyptium, Eragrostis sp. 

300-400 ml (For Annual Weeds)