Technical Name FLUOPYRAM 17.7% + TEBUCONAZOLE 17.7% SC
Mode of Action Systemic fungicide affecting metabolic processes in fungi
Packs available 250ml, 1 litre
Description JU Mani provides an innovative method of protecting plants from diseases that affect crop quality. As a result, JU Mani has a direct impact on the marketability of the product as well as the growers' businesses.
Features & Benefits

1. JU Mani provides exceptional efficacy against target diseases, allowing growers to protect yields.

2. Novel active ingredient works to continue controlling fungal strains that have developed resistance.

3. Due to uniform uptake after application,Mani is able to defend against latent infections that can subsequently affect the quality of the harvest .

4. Timely disease protection by Mani can lead to extended vitality and higher marketability of the produce, thus benefiting the entire food chain.

Crops Target Pests Dose per acre

Powdery mildew and Anthraconase


Powdery mildew and Anthracnose

Rice (Paddy)

False smut, Dirty panicle