Mode of Action Systemic and Muscle Action
Packs available 1 Kg, 4 Kg
Description JU- Farrera is a highly potent and powerful insecticide that effectively controls multiple pests in Paddy and Sugarcane along with providing superior crop health benefits. With its huge brand equity across Indian agrochemical market, JU-Farrera is now well poised to increase its footprints amongst the Paddy & sugarcane cane growers of the country as well.
Features & Benefits

1. It is a sustainable and easy to use granular formulation for rice pest management in India.

2. Early stage application prevents pest infestation and control pest population.

3. Unique mode of action that works on the muscular dysfunction in target pest.

4. Helps maximizes crop yield through quick insect control capability.

5. Safe for environment as it is a low toxicity to nature.

Crops Target Pests Dose per acre

Leaf folder & Stem Borer

4 Kg

Early shoot Borer & Top Borer

8 Kg