Technical Name Boron 10% Soluble Liquid
Mode of Action Multiple physiological pathways
Packs available 100 ml, 250 ml
Description JU-Boron is concentrated liquid Boron with ethanolamine solution to prevent and correct the Boron deficiency in crops.
Features & Benefits
  • helps in preventing and correcting Boron deficiency in plants 
  • shows quick absorption into the leaves through stomata after foliar application 
  • Increases Pollen production, thus increases fruit setting 
  • Makes plants healthy by improving use efficiency of Potassium, calcium and sugars 
  • Improves quality of fruits, prevents from cracking or deformation of fruits 
  • More no. of fruits with better quality • Improves post-harvest shelf life of fruits
Usage & Application rates
  • JU-Boron can be used in all kind of crops through foliar spray or soil application with Calcium Nitrate. 
  • Foliar application in cereals, legumes, oil seeds, fiber crop and others @ 100-150 ml/acre, In fruits and Vegetables @ 0.5-1 ml/L of water
  • Soil application @ 200 ml/acre with calcium nitrate
  • 2-3 applications starting before flowering till fruit development with 15 days interval