Technical Name Silicone based non-ionic surfactant
Mode of Action Get-Set enhances the performance of agro chemicals by improving its physical properties
Packs available 10 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml & 500 ml
Description Get-Set is a new generation non-ionic silicone-based  adjuvant which is especially developed for agricultural purposes. When used in combination with other agri- inputs,  Get-Set enhances the efficacy of the spray solution through its unique and multiple mode of actions
Features & Benefits
  •   Get-Set provides uniform and quick spreading of Agrochemicals within few seconds of spray
  •   Get-Set ensures spray effective even if it rains after some time
  •   Get-Set enhances the systemic and translaminar action of Agrochemicals
  •   Get-Set results in better deposition of Agrochemicals which prevents run-off losses
  •   Get-Set is suitable to be applied with broad range of Agrochemicals 
Usage & Application rates
  • Being a high-quality silicone-based adjuvant, Get- Set can be used in a wide variety of crops and is compatible with majority of the Agrochemicals
  • Use Get- Set @ 5 ml per 15 L water volume or 40-50 ml per acre