Technical Name FLUBENDIAMIDE 20% WG
Mode of Action Muscle and Stomach Action
Packs available 50 gm, 100 gm, 250 gm, 500 gm
Description Fluben G - the highly effective insecticide that offers a unique mode of action to control a wide range of lepidopteron pests in various crops.It is easy to use, making it an ideal tank mix solution for managing insect resistance. It can be combined with other pesticides, reducing the risk of resistance development, and offering farmers a comprehensive pest control solution.
Features & Benefits

1. Unique muscle paralysis action.

2. Fluben-G is highly potent and effective in controlling insects, offering long-lasting crop protection.

3. The insecticide manages insects at all stages, from immature to adult, providing complete protection.

4. Exposed insects stop feeding within minutes of exposure, preventing further damage to crops.

5. Fluben-G's extended residual activity protects crops longer than other competitive options.

6. Unique formulation provides excellent safety to crops and non-target organisms.

7. Fluben-G's Granular formulation makes it easy to apply, saving time and effort.

Crops Target Pests Dose per acre
Rice Stem borer, Leaf folder 50gm
Cotton American bollworm 100gm
Tomato Fruit borer 40gm
Cabbage Diamond Back Moth 20gm
Tea Semi looper 60gm
Chilli Fruit borer 100gm
Soybean Spodoptera litura, Semi looper 120gm
Groundnut Spodoptera litura 120gm
Black gram Spodoptera litura, Maruca spp. 120gm
Bengal gram Pod borer 100gm
Sugarcane Early Shoot borer 150gm