Technical Name Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza
Mode of Action Ecomax+ Develops a symbiotic relationship with plants roots
Packs available 1 Kg, 4 Kg
Description Ecomax+ is the latest available technically advanced Mycorrhizal bio-fertilizer, which also contains bio-yield enhancers along with endo-mycorrhizal consortia, which help in triggering root and shoot development and support faster microbial colonization.
Features & Benefits
  • Ecomax+ improves uptake of essential plant nutrients by helping expand feeder roots, also helps in new roots development
  • Ecomax+ improves soil health by increasing organic matter content and increasing numbers of beneficial micro-organisms in soil
  • Ecomax+ improves nutrients utilization by plants
  • Ecomax+ helps in overall growth and development of plant
Usage & Application rates
  • Dose per acre – 4 Kg (In Potato and Sugarcane 6-8 Kg)
  • Ecomax+ can be applied mixing with soil/fertilizers/FYM preferably through broadcasting in major crops.
  • Ecomax+ can be applied at the time of sowing or transplanting to 50 days after sowing or transplanting.
  • 1-2 applications are recommended till 50 days of crop stage.