Technical Name Haloxyfop R Methyl 10.5% EC
Mode of Action Inhibition of Acetyl Coenzyme- A Carboxyloase
Packs available 100 ml, 400 ml & 1200 ml
Description Chancellor is selective and systemic post emergent herbicide for control of key grassy  weeds in Soybean
Features & Benefits
  •  Chancellor provide control of all major grassy weeds of Soybean
  •  Chancellor gets absorbed by the target weeds very quickly and transported to the site of action for quick weed control
  •  Chancellor is completely safe to the crop at recommended dosages
  •  Chancellor provides long duration of weed control
Crops Target Pests Dose per acre

Brachiaria spp. Digitaria sanguinalis Dinebra arabica Echinochloa spp. Eleusine indica Eragrostis spp. Pnicum isochmi

400- 500 ml