Technical Name Ammonium Nitrate 32%
Mode of Action It is a multilevel absorption nutrient with high nutrient use efficiency it absorbs quickly and gives a long-duration Effect on crops
Packs available 500ml
Description JU Urea is a concentrated crop nutrition supplement containing nitrogen in a unique bioavailable liquid formulation. JU Urea is compliant with all regulations and falls under FCO.
Features & Benefits

• Healthy crop address of nitrogen.
• For better branching and growth of the plant.
• Helps to reduce labor.
• Higher Nutrient Use Efficiency.
• Increases yield.

Usage & Application rates

Use in vegetative crop stages.
Can be used in all kinds of crops.
Compatible with any other commonly used agrochemicals.
Apply 500ml JU Urea per acre in spray or 1 Littre per acre in fertigation.