Technical Name Organic Soil Conditioner
Mode of Action It enters through roots of plant
Packs available 1 kg, 3 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg
Description JU-Figo is a superior multipurpose granule formulation based on biologically derived sea weeds. It has vitamins, enzymes, peptides, phytohormons etc. It acts as an organic bio-stimulator & bio-catalyser thereby enhancing physiological processes such as photosynthesis, cell respiration, cell division, cell elongation and energy transfer. This turns into increase the root growth & biomass of the plant and also enhances the flowering & fruiting process which increase the crop productivity.
Features & Benefits
  • Act as a soil conditioner
  • Act as a bio stimulant
  • Act as a bio-catalyser
  • Act as a Bio-Nutrients Contains Bio-Enzymes 
Usage & Application rates
  • Use @ 3 kg per acre as soil application at any stage of crop