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JU Max K is a Bio-fertilizer. It contains potash mobilizing bacteria. It mobilizes the fixed insoluble potash into soluble form and make available to crop&helpful in improvement of soil health & texture as well as better root system

Crops :

Cereals, Pulses, Fruits, Spices, Vegetables & Plantation crops.

Dose : Powder • Seed Treatment - 250 gm of JU Max-K with 10 to 15 Kg of Seed. • Soil Treatment - Mix 4 Kg of JU Max-K with 50 Kg of Seed FYM/Compost/Soil Liquid • Seed Treatment - 10 ml. of JU Max-K with 1 Kg of Seed • Soil Treatment - Mix 500 ml. of JU Max-K with 50 Kg of Seed FYM/Compost/Soil. • For Spray - Mix 250 ml. of JU Max-K with 100 Ltr of water and spray near the rootzone. • Seed Treatment - 1 to 1.5 Ltr of JU Max-K with 200 Liters of water.

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